Why does clouds in white colour?

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With some basic creativity on who sees the shapes of the cloud. The shape of the cloud depends on the observer. When you think about the rabbit that looks like it; if you think about the penguin as well.


So how much does it weigh?

The clouds are like a weightless object, but in reality, that’s 1000 times heavier than liquids. The entire clouds contain water and ice droplets. Mass of the clouds is more than elephant mass. Millions of elephants are floating in the atmosphere. Don’t panic, they never crush you. Because the entire mass is not concentrated, they spread over the atmosphere. Learn more about the mass of cloud USGS

How did the objects get their colour?

Objects don’t have colour in nature they have colour pigments. The pigments or chemical materials absorb and emit a particular colour. That colour is the object’s colour. For a clear understanding, think about the neem leaf. All major leaves have chlorophylls when the white light from the sun touches the leaf. The leaf absorbs all the colours and emits green colour only. That’s why leaves are green in nature.

Why it is in white colour?

Let’s come back to the clouds. That contains ice and water droplets these materials emit all kinds of colours. So the white light from the sun is totally emitted from the cloud. In contrast, the black colour absorbs all colours. No more about colours Pantone

Why rain clouds in grey?

More water droplets in the cloud make it thicker. The thick cloud that blocks all kinds of white light from the sun. That makes it a grey colour.

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