Searching for Peace in vast space

Thiyagu Arunachalam
3 min readMay 13, 2022


Searching for peace in space. A sci-fi story.
Credits: Pexels

Our galaxy is too vast. Earth is not the only habitable place. A million light-years from here; two planets namely Penta and Overa in the same solar system. People on both planets are intelligent, valor and kind. Zago from Penta and Shi from Overa love each other. They spend their life peacefully on both planets. Zago is a weirdo and mostly acts like a fool. It’s still confusing how a gorgeous girl like Shi loves him.

On a quiet night, two moons shine in the star-filled sky. Zago and Shi walk on the street. Shi holding Zago’s hands, Zago stammers and proposes to her with his bits and pieces of words. Somehow she understands and accepts his proposal with an eye full of tears.

Meantime, Penta’s Emperor Kagiso attends the dinner with Overa’s Emperor Vrede. Kagiso chuckles at Vrede’s guffaw. Both smiled and took their massive royal dinner. All the workers of the Emperors think all goes well in this first meeting. Suddenly, Kagiso pointed at his half-completed dish and asked,

“It's meat, isn’t it?”

Vrede replied, “Yes, It is.”

Kagiso said, “We’re not meat-eaters.”

The entire room becomes silent, and everybody looks at Vrede.

Vrede funnily replied, “Not anymore.”

Kagiso took a knife from the table and made a small cut on his finger. He writes a note on the dining cloth. It says “war”.

The next morning drones roam all around the planets and gather their supporters. Zago and Shi are higher officials in the army. They need to fight against each other. Officials from Penta grabbed Zago forcefully to the war. Zago becomes uncomfortable as other people around these planets.

Citizens think it’s unnecessary, but they cannot fight against their Emperors. Soldiers left their children and loved ones and put a fake smile on their faces to don’t spoil their kid’s hope about their returning.

All the fighter ships arrived at the vast space. Penta and Overa people don’t like war, but they still hold the blaster controls of the fighter ship.

Kagiso asked through the intercom, “Will you apologize?”

Vrede replied, “Do you think we are afraid of war? Let’s fight.”

Blasters start throwing shots at each other. Ships wrecked into pieces; soldiers scream more, but the quiet space doesn’t make any noise. Zago fights inside the garlands of fighter ships. Shi shoots inside the morgue of bodies. Suddenly, the place was filled with broken spaceships and dead bodies instead of stars and moon.

War lasted for hours. A few fight here and there, and most are already dead. Kagiso and Vrede come head to head at some point. Both of them not even shooting their blasters. They look around for the supporters. Kagiso found the Zago’s ship, and Vrede found the Shi’s fighter ship.

Kagiso asked Zago to shoot Vrede. He pointed his blaster exactly at him. Soon a fighter ship interfered with his vision. He identified Shi through the scope. Vrede shouts at Shi to shoot them.

Shi looks at him and holds the controller with her shivery hand. Zago’s face showers in the sweat. Suddenly, Zago taps on the intercom to Shi. The great light pears on both sides. Everything blanks out for a while.

After a few weeks on the moon of Overa, Zago drinks wine happily with his lovely wife Shi. Both turn on the Emperor’s funeral live telecast on a repaired ship.



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